A Unique Way to Leave Your Valentine (or anyone else)

These unusual cards don’t greet, they say hit the street!!

Not everyone wants to send flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes the relationship is over but it still officially exists.  How do you end it?  You know you want to…need to.  You’ve talked, fought, cried, tried.  Nothing has worked…for a very long time.

Jeff DeLong knows all about this agonizing state of affairs.  That’s why this Rogue River, Oregon Entrepreneur created C-ya Relationship Closure cards.  They are designed to end relationships.

Leave Your Valentine card (2)

Whether you want to leave a lover, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a co-worker, or anyone else, there’s a card for you.  Actually, there are 25 of them.  And they all say, in one form or another, See ya!  Go to DeLong’s site to see all of them.

It all began many years ago when DeLong went through his own divorce.  Achieving true relationship closure is really difficult to achieve.  DeLong realized most people never definitively do.

From a psychological standpoint, that’s not healthy.  They carry the old emotional baggage, the fears and regrets, right into their next relationship.

He should know.  Besides his own first-hand experience with divorce, he has a Bachelors’ degree in Applied Psychology, and is certified in Divorce and Family Mediation, and Dispute Resolution in Organizations and Business.

Leave Your Valentine card (3)

While many of us may be celebrating Valentine’s Day around the country, thousands of people do not want to send flowers and are not happy about their relationships.

DeLong’s closure cards are uniquely designed to help people through a break-up, heal, be honest, obtain closure and grow.

On the outside one says, “Before us I was alone.” Inside it says, “I was Happier then. C-ya!”

The most popular card reads, “There can never be a new beginning, without a final ending! C-ya!”

At first glance the cards might seem to be, well, blunt.  But DeLong says that’s the way relationships should be.  Relationships should be about honesty.  DeLong has now been married for almost 10 years.


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  1. These are excellent . . . and fortunately I do NOT need to shop for one this Valentine’s Day!



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