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The Rift Frequency - Book Cover
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Ryn must team with Levi, the citadel who pushed her close friend Ezra through a Rift.  Along the way, Ryn starts questioning her role.  Now, doubting her place in her world, she must lead Levi through as many multiverses as necessary until they find Ezra. But how can Levi be trusted to help?

THE RIFT FREQUENCY, Book 2 of The Rift Uprising Trilogy,

by Amy S. Foster


Review by Sandra Bell Kirchman:

This amazing book is filled with pairings that aren’t immediately obvious…lines are blurred between our reality and multiple others, then dancing along the edges of fantasy and science fiction, wrestling between the lines of Young Adult and Adult, and finally, tripping from the harsh realities of life to poetic interludes. If you didn’t know that Amy S. Foster was a poet before, her singing phrases and musical wordings here and there will give you a glimmering.  It’s a joy just to read them.  And yet, nearly non-stop action moves the story along at a rapid pace, tugging you breathlessly from one mini-climax to the next.

I hadn’t read Book 1, hadn’t read any of Foster’s previous works, as a matter of fact.  Thus, the whole thing was fresh to me, and I read The Rift Frequency with an open mind.  Wow, what an impact, starting off with the deadly seventeen-year-old, Ryn Whittaker, who seems normal and even tender-hearted at times, until you see her in action!

Poetry in motion with deadly intent describes Ryn best as she uses every move and skill she has had drilled into her and mastered, like all ARC’s Citadels.  Citadels are genetically enhanced soldiers charged with protecting this version of Earth, their home, whenever their assigned Rift opens and begins to spit out  unknown items or even beings from one of the other multiverses.  Many times the Citadels found both to be deadly and fought fiercely to defend their homeland.  However, these were not ordinary battles, nor ordinary times.

Following her superior’s orders and her new partner’s insistence, the teen reluctantly teams with Levi, the brother of her friend, whom she despises.  Levi was even responsible for pushing her beloved Ezra into the Rift inadvertently, but Ryn wasn’t buying that–she was pretty sure he had more to do with it than accidentally knocking her friend through the Rift.  She was also beginning to doubt herself and her place in the scheme of things.  And now, saddled with the dislikable Levi, she had to try and find Ezra before it was too late..

From the HarperCollins Canada press release, comes the following:

Now she has no choice: she knows she has to go into the swirling green light [of a Rift entrance] and find Ezra.  Yes, there are other motives—including trying to discover why ARC was so fascinated with mapping the multiverse the Rifts led to—but the only thing that truly matters is finding Ezra and bringing him back safely.  Of course, she has no idea what to expect as she jumps from the seemingly infinite versions of Earth that separate him from her.  And she really has no idea what to expect from the fact that Levi—the brother of her friend, whom she has always loathed—is insisting on going with her.

What she does know is that she needs to save Ezra, get back to her reality, and shut down the Rifts for good. What Ryn also knows is that there are people—both on her Earth and on many, many others—that will do anything in their power to stop her.

Once I figured out what a Rift was and the background history of the story, I was terminally engrossed from start to finish—a different kind of story and a lot of surprises throughout had me hooked. I’m sure it would have helped to have read Book 1 of The Rift Trilogy first.  It’s often difficult to get caught up in Book 2 of a trilogy.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and couldn’t wait to finish it.  Thank goodness Book 3 is coming up so I don’t have to say goodbye to these characters forever.  These are MY kind of stories!

About the Trilogy:

A juicy tidbit on the Rift grill is that, according to Variety, producer Ivan Reitman and “Spotlight” producer Michael Sugar will be making a movie of The Rift Uprising, the first book in the Rift Uprising Trilogy.

The third and final book in the Trilogy will be forthcoming from Harper Collins on October 31, 2018, according to Harper Collins sources.

In the meantime, Book 1 (and soon Book 2) can be purchased at the following outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Harper Collins, Indie Bound, Powell’s and Indigo.

About the Author:

Author Amy S. Foster
Author Amy S. Foster – image © by author 2018
Amy S. Foster is a celebrated song-writer, best known for being Michael Bublé’s writing partner, but also having collaborated with artists such as Destiny’s Child, Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli, and Josh Groban. Taking her writing talent to another medium, she wrote the critically-acclaimed When Autumn Leaves.  While continuing to help give voice to musicians, she came up with a character her daughters could get excited about: Ryn Whittaker.  With her came The Rift Uprising, the first in the Battle Ground series.   Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Amy currently lives in Portland, OR, U.S.A. with her husband Matt Freeman and their three children.

About Sandra Bell Kirchman

My passion is for fiction, especially fantasy fiction. I have been writing nearly all my life, since the age of 7 when I produced a 5-page novel called "Angus the Ant" - self-illustrated. My most recent novel WITCHCANERY is not about an ant and is available at most online booksellers. "Witchcanery" has won several awards and has met with modest, yet enthusiastic, acclaim from readers around the world. I've also edited and published an anthology for the writers at my site, called "Birth of a Unicorn and Other Stories," including short stories by fantasy novelist Stephanie Cresswell. Both books are available on Kindle; the latter is also available on Nook. Both books are sold as hard copies at most major online outlets as well as being available as paperbacks. One of my later ventures was horror stories; surprisingly, since horror stories scare me, I find I have a special affinity for them, especially in flash fiction format (under 1000 or less words). Currently, I am working on two WIPs, one a sequel to "Witchcanery," which several readers have made me promise to write; the other an apocalyptic novel called "The Road to the End of the World." There are several examples of this latter novel in my blog "Fantasyfic," formerly known as "Wizards and Ogres and Elves - Oh My!" Fantasyfic is on hold temporarily, while I work on my other two sites--"News, Views, and Gurus," and the said "Fantasyfic.". My other blogs keep me hopping. One is a roundup of news and some fun pieces from around the world. It is listed under the name of "News, Views, and Gurus." My blog "Puppy Dog Tales" is an ongoing sometimes humorous account of my adventures as an avid pet parent and animal lover. My little Shih-Tzu Ling Ling and my long-haired Mexican chihuahua are the joys of my life...and so is my husband, but I don't write about him. Anyhow, my blog "Puppy Dog Tales" is a work of love, featuring my doggies and other pets around the world. I'm a devoted advocate of animal rights and especially backing the cause of animal rescue shelters. My wonderful husband and I live in a very small town in southeastern Saskatchewan on the south side in a rustic, cedar-sided home. Our property is almost a whole acre, and is gracious and pretty (which is not easy to be in one package). All four of us are happy here.

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